Bridge Construction & Maintenance
In 2020, the American Road & Transportation Builders Association reported that 231,000, or one third of the bridges in the US, require repairs or replacement. The 2021 Infrastructure and Jobs Act allocated $550 billion to rebuilding key infrastructure, including bridges. As a result, Engineered Rigging has completed numerous bridge construction and demolition projects—each with its own unique challenges ranging from treacherous terrain and a busy commercial shipping corridor to severe weather conditions. Whether the bridge is over water, a valley or an interstate, Engineered Rigging’s unique offering of services provides contractors with the resources needed for rapid bridge construction, maintenance and demolition, as well as rapid rail bridge repair.
Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) Solutions
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Engineering Services

If you're in in need of engineers experienced in bridge construction and demolition, our in-house team has a proven track record (see our case studies.) From designing lift plans to providing engineering consulting, we will work to expedite your project in the safest, most affordable manner. Contact our President and C-founder Christopher Cox, PE to discuss your project.

Design-Build Solutions

Sometimes a bare rental simply won’t fulfill the demands of a specific bridge or overpass project. That’s when our engineering team and fabrication facility really shine as demonstrated in the demolition of the Wittpenn Bridge in New Jersey. By having equipment, engineers and design-build capabilities under one roof, Engineered Rigging saves you time, money and headaches that arise when using multiple vendors.
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ABC Equipment Rental


In addition to being an authorized dealer of Enerpac Heavy Lifting Technology, our Arkansas facility is registered as an Enerpac Service Center. We conduct equipment demostrations, training, load testing and more at our state-of-the-art facility in Russellville, Arkansas.