Available for rental, the LH400 is a low-height skidding system with a modular design and a 2-in-1 track that eliminates the need for two sets of track for varying ground support conditions. It can be used on a fully supported surface or combined with the optional track support to span gaps or provide added rigidity as needed. The LH400 Low-Height Skidding System’s modular design can be configured to jack and slide heavy loads. Two push-pull units have a 400-ton skidding capacity. 

Additional Features

  • Intuitive pump controls
  • Easily reversible to change skidding direction
  • Portable design for quick setup

As an authorized Enerpac dealer, Engineered Rigging has the LH400 Low-Height Skidding System available for rental and sale. In addition, we sell all models of the Enerpac skidding systems. We also rent Power Slide Systems with load capacities from 50 to 2,000 tons. Contact our heavy lifting specialists to identify the best skidding system for your needs and request a quote.

How Our Skidding System Works

The Low-Height Skidding System is comprised of a series of skid beams moved by hydraulic push-pull units, travelling over a pre-constructed track. A series of special PTFE-coated pads are placed on the skid tracks to reduce friction. The push-pull units are powered by a standard Enerpac Split-Flow Pump to ensure each skid beam travels synchronously.

Power Slide Primary


Skid Shoe Height (with track) A


Skid Shoe Length D


Skid Track Width E


Skid Track Length F



Maximum Lifting Capacity per Shoe

100 tons

Maximum Skidding Push Capacity

25 tons

Maximum Skidding Pull Capacity

11 tons

Push / Pull Stroke C

23.5 inches

Skid Shoe Weight

139 pounds

Skid Track Weight

148 pounds

Engineered Rigging also has the Enerpac HSK Skidding Systems available.