Hydraulic Turntable Rental

The Enerpac ET400 hydraulic turntable safely repositions heavy or oversized loads up to 450 tons making it ideal for moving industrial-scale transformers, generators, motors and engines. It improves the speed and safety of maintenance and repair projects by providing a direct transfer destination for heavy skidded or lifted loads. Technicians can perform service directly on the platform itself, or accurately position the load and set the stage for removal from the site location.

This machine mover permits smooth, precision rotating before, during or after skidding or lifting operations. The compact footprint enables full functionality in confined spaces. The system is driven by two 25-ton capacity hydraulic cylinders.

Our hydraulic turntable complements the Hydraulic Gantries, the LH400 Low-Height Skidding System or cube jacks. Engineered Rigging has one ETT400 turntable rental available. Contact our heavy lifting specialists to discuss your needs and request a rental quote.

Hydraulic Turntable 450-ton


  • The powerful hydraulic turntable can rotate a load up to 400 tons.
  • Dual capacity: 225-ton ton with one cylinder, 450-ton with two cylinders.
  • Portable positioning system improves efficiency during device installation, removal or maintenance.
  • Durable hardwood surface
  • Low-profile height of just 5.91” (150mm) provides exceptional load stability.
  • 10,000 PSI (700 bar) cylinders
  • 360-degree, bi-directional rotating capabilities made possible by a highly accessible cylinder ratcheting system