According to the Design Build Institute of America (DBIA), design-build (DB) is the fastest growing construction delivery method in the United States with 44% of all construction dollars dedicated to DB. While this trend continues to gain steam, Engineered Rigging has been delivering design-build services since its inception.

Cooperation is the key for success

What Exactly Is Design-Build?

The design-build (DB) approach to construction utilizes a single source or contractor to not only develop the design but also construct the project. DBIA has a helpful primer on design-build that you can download.

For Engineered Rigging, the design-build process includes carefully assessing the heavy lifting project, engineering a solution, fabricating the necessary equipment and materials, creating a safe and meticulous lift plan and providing on-site technical support and project management.

Engineered Rigging leverages a proven design-build process, innovative people and advanced technologies to deliver turnkey heavy lifting solutions for a variety of industries including civil construction, energy and industrial plant maintenance and upgrades, port projects, shipbuilding, aeronautical and defense projects and more. For a comprehensive list of our design-build services, visit Design-Build: Engineered Rigging.

The Advantages of Design-Build

When our engineers and fabrication team collaborate on a design-build project, it leads to a higher level of innovation and a streamlined process. As a result, the DB approach delivers numerous benefits to a client:

  • Higher-quality, more functional finished producti
  • Delivery speed: 102% faster completion of the project than design-bid-buildii
  • Cost savings
  • 360° quality control
  • Turnkey project management

“No matter what the project or industry, the client reaps the benefits of the design-build approach. It’s a more collaborative and efficient process that delivers innovation, reduces costs, and saves time,” said Christopher Cox, PE, President and Co-founder of Engineered Rigging. “Also, design-build provides the client with a single source for all project communications and deliverables.”


Proof Positive

With years of experience providing design-build solutions, Engineered Rigging has successfully completed a variety of projects around the globe. Recent projects include designing and building the Cantilever Segmental Bridge Lift that was used to construct the Cline Avenue Bridge in East Chicago, the replacement of a coal ash conveyor in the Ottumwa Generating Station, and the use of robots, knuckle boom cranes and ingenuity to upgrade a global shipping facility. You can read about more of our projects on our news page.

“Engineered Rigging was delivering design-build solutions before it was considered cool,” said Cox. “We strategically developed a comprehensive in-house team to more efficiently meet the needs of our clients in the US and around the globe. As a result, we’re able to provide turnkey design-build solutions.”

Engineered Rigging’s US-based staff includes certified engineers, fabricators, project managers, riggers and equipment technicians. Working collaboratively, they oversee every element of a design-build project from concept to completion which ensures the highest level of quality, efficiency and innovation.

“When faced with a heavy lifting project, we sometimes identify creative ways to utilize off-the-shelf equipment, as was the case for the Panther Island Bridges project in Fort Worth. Other times, we design and build a heavy lifting solution from the ground up like the Pipe Modular Lift System designed to lift 48 cooling coils into a nuclear plant’s 50-foot high equipment hatch. We think outside of the box, and we love a good challenge,” shared Cox.

To facilitate the design-build process, our engineers use high-tech software, including Autodesk, Mathcad, Nastran and RISA for FEA, to create concepts, models and the engineering plans that ultimately lead to our custom heavy lifting solutions. Once the designs are finalized and approved by the client, construction begins at our state-of-the-art fabrication facility in Russellville, Arkansas.


i Civil & Structural Engineer magazine, Jul. 1, 2021

ii Design Build Institute of America

High Capacity Jack-Up System Headed to USA

Engineered Rigging is working to secure a jack-up system of 1,000 to 2,000 mton capacity for our rental fleet. This addition will make us the first heavy lifting rental company in the United States to offer a system with this capacity. This synchronized lift system will meet the most demanding of our clients needs.

"As construction projects continue to increase around the globe, Engineered Rigging is dedicated to being a trusted source for heavy lifting and specialized transport equipment rentals,” said Christopher Cox, P.E., Founder and President of Engineered Rigging.“We’re here to meet whatever gaps you have in your fleet.”