Residential, institutional, industrial and infrastructure construction is on the rise across the country as the nation emerges from the clutches of the pandemic. According to, "The construction industry in the United States is expected to grow by 15.6% to reach $1515659.4 million in 2021," and "the growth momentum is expected to continue…[with]…the construction output expected to reach $1819106.1 million by 2025." In addition, President Biden's proposed $1 trillion infrastructure plan will significantly increase the number of civil projects across the U.S. Based on these factors, heavy lift and specialized transport equipment will be in high demand in 2021 and into the foreseeable future.

"In response to the construction surge, we're seeing a rise in the number of contractors in the civil and industrial sectors that need to expand their heavy lift capabilities," shared Mike Beres, Director for Engineered Rigging.

While some contractors have the CAPEX budgets to purchase new heavy lift equipment, many have discovered that renting heavy lift equipment is an efficient and affordable way to augment their immediate needs. To meet this growing demand, Engineered Rigging has expanded our fleet of gantries, synch hoists, skidding systems and lift towers rentals.

Our most recent heavy lift equipment acquisitions include two Enerpac Super Lift SL60 hydraulic gantries which have a 60- metric ton (mton) capacity each. In addition to the newly available SL60 gantry rental, Engineered Rigging has a complete line of gantry accessories available to rent. We also sell the Enerpac Super Lift Gantry Series (SL60, SL126, SL400) and the Enerpac Super Boom Lift (SBL500, SBL1000 and SBL1100). If you're in the market to buy a used gantry, Engineered Rigging can assist with that, too. Gantries are an ideal heavy lift solution when a traditional crane will not fit in the project site or permanent overhead structures are not available.


We've also added four sling adjusters (synch hoists) with a 370-mton capacity each to our equipment rental offering. Sling adjusters enable a single crane to precisely position heavy and unbalanced loads in a vertical and horizontal plane. The use of one crane, instead of two or more, improves safety, maximizes operating speed and reduces costs, which make the sling adjuster an excellent option for heavy lifting projects. In addition to the 370-mton sling adjuster, we have a variety of sling adjuster models available to rent or buy with total load capacities ranging from 240 mtons to 991 mtons. Details are available on our website.

We've also placed an order for the Enerpac JS500 hydraulic jack-up system and will be the first heavy lift equipment rental company to offer this model for rental with service in the U.S. Each of the four legs of the JS500 system has a lift capacity of 500 mtons which delivers a synchronized lift and mechanical hold up to 2,000 mtons. Engineered Rigging has a variety of jack-up system models available to buy or rent now.

Demand to buy or rent heavy lift equipment is not limited to the U.S. In addition to recent projects in 11 states, we've deployed equipment for projects in Mexico, Chile and Indonesia. Engineered Rigging recently expanded our international presence to include a Chile office, and our location in The Netherlands continues to receive an influx of inquiries from Europe and Asia.

"Our team of heavy lift equipment experts makes the rental and purchase process incredibly easy. We take pride in having a reputation for personalized service and being the heavy lift partner to customers around the world," shared Christopher Cox, P.E., Founder and President of Engineered Rigging


Heavy Lift Equipment Experts

Engineered Rigging's team has decades of experience in heavy lift and specialized transport. Please contact us to discuss your project's unique needs. We look forward to talking with you!


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