What do you do when a bearing burns out in your coal stacker/reclaimer and that bearing sits under 630 tons of equipment? A West Virginia client recently faced this challenge and contacted Engineered Rigging for the muscle needed to move this massive load so it could make the repair.
The stacker/reclaimer handles coal at a busy power plant. Getting the coal moving again was essential as it’s a critical fuel source for generating the region’s electricity. The contractor developed a lift plan and rented Engineered Rigging’s synchronous lifting system for the job. Lift equipment included four HCR20010 cylinders (223-ton dual acting hydraulic cylinders), SFP421SJ split flow pump, and the SFPSK4 synchronization kit controlled from the CLNC12 master network control panel. 
The advantage of the synchronous lifting system’s hydraulic cylinders is that they can lift and lower a load, push or pull it, and even securely hold a load. These capabilities were essential as not only did the top of the reclaimer/stacker need to be lifted and later lowered, but it also had to be held in place for nearly two weeks while engineers replaced the bearing.
In addition, the synch lift system ensured a smooth lift by using stroke sensors and pressure transducers to accurately track and synchronize the load. Up to 16 lift points can be centrally controlled in the standard configuration.
“This is a much more accurate system than what we have used in the past,” said the onsite supervisor in West Virginia. “I believe that we will use this method moving forward.”
Engineered Rigging delivered the equipment to the site in early September. We provided a trained technician on-site to provide advice and ensure the client’s team correctly operated the synchronized lift system.  He was onsite on September 18 as the lift occurred, and the top of the reclaimer/stacker was locked into place for two weeks while the bearing was replaced. In early October, our technician returned to the site, and the top of the reclaimer was lowered back into place.
“Engineered Rigging’s equipment came in great shape and was straightforward to set up. Having your technician on site kept us moving, and we did each movement in one day," said the site supervisor. He added, “This was turnkey. You shipped the right equipment and provided the expertise. I will definitely call Engineered Rigging again.”


The Synchronous Lifting System allows centralized control for up to 16 lift points in the standard configuration.